Video: Simple Way To Grow Your Hair Using Onion

Have you ever wanted your hair or beard to grow faster and thicker?

Do you believe there is a simple and natural remedy? I have a simple natural method that will help you get a thicker and fast growing hair in  few weeks? This method has been tested by many and confirmed working. It is even more reliable than the medicines available that are said to aid in hair growth and thickening.

The methods are in the video that is in this article but I will still outline the step by step method in words so that those who won’t watch the video can still benefit.

To get started, you must first make some few items available. You need 4 to 5 bulbs of onion, a stove or any cooker, water and hair shampoo.

Step 1. Get four to five bulbs of onion and chop them into pieces.

step 2. Boil the chopped onions in water for ten minutes.

step 3. Sieve the onion particles from the water.

step 4. Wash your hair with the shampoo and rinse with the onion extract.

Repeat the steps at least once every week. You will start seeing results from the second week.

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