Top 10 Richest Ghanaian Musicians

Ghanaian musicians are currently making huge successes and it is certain that very soon, some of them will join the list of the richest African musicians.

The saying that the laborer is worthy of his wage is confirmed in the lives and career of Ghanaian musicians who are really working hard to make it in the field of music. There are some of them who had nothing before climbing up the music stage but today, they are self-made millionaires.

It would have been very hard for them if their source of income is only from the sales of their music CD’s with all the level of piracy in the entertainment market, but we got to discover that they make ‘the big money’ from life shows and concerts, tours, and endorsements deals.

Music has really done a lot of them good, moving them from rags to riches. Have a look at Ghanaian musicians whose wealth came from music:

10. Kwaw Kese

Kwaw Kese

Emmanuel Kofi Botwe, a.k.a, Kwaw Kese was actually from a poor background but his love for music totally brought him fortune. He started writing songs, wrapping and doing some stage entertainments among his friends and classmates while he was still in the junior secondary school.

His popularity began when he released his first hit,Oye Nonsense on the compilation album, The Execution Diary. Since then, he has been coming up in the music world and has featured in shows of more prominent musicians like Wyclef Jean, 2Face Idibia, Professor J of Tanzania, Sarkodie, Brymo, Memphis Bleek, etc.

he currently owns his own record label, has a ward named after him at the Panthang Mental Home in Accra, and has also been nominated for some music awards. His hardwork has really paid off.

9. Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

Popularly known as the Grandpapa or Godfather of Hiplife, Reggie has made fortunes out of music.

He currently owns the booming  the ‘Django Bar’ and ‘Grandpapa’s  lounge/bar’ which he was able to establish with the money he made from the deal he signed with Globacom.

Though we wouldn’t say he was born poor but the fact is that music is a major contributor to his wealth.

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