Top 10 Ghanaian Musicians That Kill Everybody In Their Way

Murder is something that you can’t get away with. The kind of murder in the Ghana Music Industry, it is the definition of what we call “the survival of the fittest”.

If you are strong enough, you will get away with this murder easily.

The kind of murder am talking about here is not gun or knife murder. I am talking about lyrical murder.

The type of murder that when you are involved, your opponent can kill you and your career.

These are the top 10 Ghanaian Musicians that kill everybody in their way lyrically.

This is not a ranking table and so therefore, any artist could fall at any random number but I want to bring the elders of the game first.

1. Obrafour

Obrafour is already a legend so I will not say anything about that.  If you have never seen Obrafour in any lyrical battle before, go to Youtube and find the TV3 Archives “Obrafour vs Okyeame Kwame”. It all started with that track “Kasiebo – Obrafour ft Guru”.


2. Okyeame Kwame

Are you surprised? Okyeame Kwame is not a high life artist. I just mentioned above that he was in a lyrical war with Ghana’s Kasahari Legend ‘Obrafour’. Oh! he said “I’m the best rapper alive” and nobody challenged that till date.

3. Sarkodie

I don’t have to say much about Sarkodie. Do you remember Secure? He came to the scene some years back with his only aim of murdering Sarkodie lyrically. Now, he is nowhere to be found. Oh! and don’t forget the best lyrical shots 2016/2017. Sarkodie vs M.anifest. Don’t ask me who murdered who because its just my opinion.


4. Flow King Stone

Will you debate this one? Flow King Stone was in the game before Sarkodie popped up but I still feel like putting Sarkodie first before Flow King Stone. Flow King Stone is one of best rappers in Ghana.

Remember that his “fire burn – Remix” with Sarkodie and Shatta Wale? Oh yeah! I guess I don’t have to say a lot.

It wasn’t a battle, It was just one of those music features but a lot of people said Flow King Stone murdered Sarkodie. I wish someone could put the two of them on the battlefield one day.

Oh! He parades himself as “Ghana Flow King” and I have not heard anyone challenging that.


5. Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale, Shatta Wale, Shatta Wale.  It got to a point in time, everywhere you go, you will hear Shatta Wale. Do you know why? He shots fire at anyone who steps on his toe.

Most of the artists in the music industry have had a feel of his lyrical  gunshots and anytime he fires someone, the whole Ghana hears it. I won’t remind you of any of his cases because I already know even your yourself can mention more than ten instances where he fires someone.

Oh! and he says He is Africa Dancehall King and I have not seen anyone challenging that yet.


6. Yaa-Pono

Yaa-Pono. Even his name alone carries explosives. Yaa in Ghana is a name for a female born on Thursday so you can just imagine a man responding to that name.

I always think most people don’t attack this guy lyrically because he is too dangerous. I have listened to this guy’s freestyles several times and I can say that this guy has a full war-head in his mouth.

You remember that ‘Gbee nabu’ beef? I was just thinking if this guy really thought about the lyrics before firing his shots.

Shatta Wale was already a boss of himself else Yaa-Pono would have murdered him mercilessly on that one.


7. M.anifest

M.anifest usually doesn’t get involved in lyrical battles. You remember that GodMC era sometime ago? Oh yeah! “He murdered Sarkodie mercilessly” that’s what everybody said.

He is cool but dangerous lyrically.


8. Tinny

Tinny aletse  kamkpe. He is also lyrically strong. In fact he spit bars. He just doesn’t get involved in lyrical battles except when he is pissed off. Oh yeah! That M.anifest and Sarkodie beef pissed him off. That was when I realized he can also get really dangerous when he is pissed.

But there is a slight problem. The problem is, he speak a complicated language.


9. Samini

Samini is also one of the artists that doesn’t involve himself in much beefs. I only know of that one with Shatta Wale which I know Shatta Wale had upper hand on him because he was that tough lyrically.

I’m not saying he is wack. I’m just saying he doesn’t know how to kill people lyrically.


10. Criss Waddle

Don’t get ahead of yourself. You hear that Opaana track for Shatta Wale? It felt like Criss Waddle was trying to scare Shatta Wale with a double-bar and Shatta Wale got pissed, firing his Small Machine gun at him.

That was one of the best moments in the music industry.


Well, I might not remember some of the artists that are very dangerous lyrically but I guess I have mentioned enough. When you talk about lyrical killing, these are some of the artists in the music industry that you should look out for.

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