Ranking: Top 10 Weird People In The World

A lady with x-ray vision. A man who can eat a whole plane. A weight lifter with muscles like the HULK. Sounds like comic book fiction right? In any case, imagine a scenario where I were to disclose to you these individuals are genuine and are however a couple of a more extensive gathering of significantly more peculiar individuals. Witness comic book legend transform into reality with these 10 of the world’s most strange individuals.

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1 . Elastic Girl – She Can Bend To Any Shape She Want

Julia Gunthel (otherwise called Zlata) is the most flexible lady on the planet, acrobat, model and performing artist.

She is two time Guinness World Record holder.

On November 23, 2007 Julia burst three inflatables with her back for 12 seconds! She can open the jugs with her feet, remaining on the hands.

Julia is the tallest elastic lady (176 cm, 5 ft 9 ins).

The Snake Woman was conceived in Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia. Her interesting capacities were found in the kindergarten at four years old. Surprisingly Julia performed when she was 10.

16-year-old young lady with her folks moved to Leipzig.

Julia needs to prepare hard to keep her muscles fit as a fiddle and to be as flexible as could be expected under the circumstances.

“You don’t have to look to one side or to one side. Try not to tune in to what individuals are stating to you, and simply act naturally”- says Julia.

In 2012 Gunthel was granted the title – “The most flexible lady on the planet” by Discovery Channel.

In 2012 Julia co-featured with Eva Mendes and Kylie Minogue in the dream dramatization film Holy Motors.

Presently Julia lives in Germany. She is hitched and has a child Leon.


2 . Death End Practioner

Eskil Ronningsbakken is an extraordinary craftsman from Norway who voyages all around the world to order amazing shocking exhibitions. He’s typically performing exercises in careful control at the highest points of deadly drops, for example, gulches and precipices. He initially got into the specialty of adjusting when he was five years of age and has been stunning the world with his astonishing deeds from that point forward.



3 . The Largest Mouth On Planet Earth


Francisco Domingo Joaquim is a conventional man from Angola with a “phenomenal” capacity. He’s the pleased holder of the record for the world’s greatest mouth. His mouth measures seventeen cm (6.69 inches), and he can fit anything in it from pop cans to his wallet.


4 . The Man Who Has Lifted His Arm For Decades

In 1973, Sadhu Amar Bharati brought his arm up out of appreciation for Hindu god Shiva and he has not put it down since. A large number of his adherents have taken action accordingly, lifting their own arms for a considerable length of time.


5 . The Man Who Eat Metals

Through the span of 40 years, Frenchman Michel Lotito devoured nine tons of metal. In his childhood, Lotito experienced a mental issue known as pica, a confusion in which individuals enthusiastically devour non-consumable things, for example, plastic. Once Lotito started trying different things with more hurtful things, for example, glass, he discovered that the thick covering of his digestive organs and stomach enabled him to eat practically anything.


6 . Real Life “Iron Woman”

Asha Rani, 23, has been named the Iron Queen in view of her astonishing quality and she figured out how to lift 30.8kgs – very nearly five stone – with simply the energy of her ears.

The Iron Queen has advanced into the Guinness Book of Records in the wake of setting the new record in a relaxation focus in Leicester.

Also, it’s not recently her ears that are solid – Asha figured out how to lift 8st 7lbs with the quality of her hair, which she wore in plaits, beating the record of the past holder, who oversaw 8st 4lbs in 2012.

For both astounding records Asha needed to raise the weights 10cm off the ground for a horrifying five seconds.

Asha stated: ‘I am so glad I have figured out how to do these two records. It’s an incredible accomplishment.’

The Iron Queen additionally endeavored an eye-watering accomplishment – to lift 15kgs, a little more than 2st, with her eye attachments.

Be that as it may, shockingly she needed to relinquish her endeavors since her eye cinches, which she obtained from individual solid man and coach Manjit Singh, from Leicester, did not fit.



7 . Mr Incredible HULK

Brazilian jock Romario Dos Santos Alves was so urgent to copy the Incredible Hulk that he really infused his arms with a conceivably deadly mix of oil and liquor. The twenty-five year old took a chance with his life all the while, and nearly had both arms excised. His oddly swollen muscles have earned him merciless epithets.


8 . 100 Year Old Granny Goes Sky diving

Georgina Harwood, watched by family and companions, dove to earth at 125mph – her third sky jump since turning 92.

A 100-year-old extraordinary grandma has celebrated her birthday by undertaking a sky dive  in Cape Town.

Georgina Harwood, wearing a red jumpsuit, played out a pair bounce which saw her dive to earth at 125mph with educator Jason Baker.

She was viewed by loved ones who flew in from Australia and England to celebrate the turning point birthday with her and gave her a glass of pink champagne on landing.

The sky dive is Mrs Harwood’s third since turning 92 over 2007. “I was much more conscious of everything this time because I had a better idea what I was going to do,” she said of the experience.
“It was wonderful, exhilarating, and special. I’m trying to think of the adjectives I can add to it.”

9 . The Girl Who Can See Through Human Flesh

Natasha Demkina is referred to in her local Russia as the “Young lady with X-ray Eyes.” She claims to be able to see through individuals’ skin directly into their internal parts. She has closed down even her most awful pundits with her unpleasant however absolutely precise restorative analyses.



10. The Man With Magnetic Body

Liew Thow Lin of Malaysia is known as the “Magnet Man”, “Attractive Man” or “Mr. Magnet” since he can stick metal items to his body. Liew has performed in numerous philanthropy occasions demonstrating his capacity

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